Dear Participants;

International Symposium on Family will be held during 15-17 October 2020 under the pioneering of Sinop University Women's Studies Application and Research Center.The family is the most basic social institution where the material and spiritual needs of an individual such as feeding, sheltering, belonging and being appreciated are fulfilled, which makes the individual to be a communal kind.In this respect, the fundamental unit of the society namely the Family is directly affected by the developments of technological, economic and cultural arenas.The impact of such interaction on the family institution may involve both threats and opportunities.As the sustainability of the Family means the sustainability of the Society and therefore of the Humanity, it is only possible for people to cope with the problems that threaten their own existence and to make use of opportunities if they confront the current situation.In this process, the most important thing the Scientific World can do is to contribute to the quality and continuity of the Family by providing robust, reliable and original research.

It is therefore our pleasure to welcome you to the International Symposium organized with the theme “Contemporary Opportunities/Threats towards the Sustainability of Family Institution”.The purpose of this Symposium is to analyze the current issues influencing the family institution from an academic point of view and to develop solutions for the current problems.National and International professionals and academicians, representatives of public institutions and organizations, students and people who have interest in this subject are all welcome to the Symposium. We would be pleased to have you here with us.

Prof. Dr. Nihat DALGIN