Symposium Subheadings

  1. Importance of the Family Institution on the Individual and Community Life
  2. Ethical and Legal Rules for the Sustainability of the Family Institution
  3. Influence of Career Worries on the Family Institution
  4. Family Institution and Marriage Connection
  5. Effect of Economical Conditions on the Family Institution
  6. Social Perceptions towards Marriage Decision Making
  7. Deterioration of Ethical Values in the Family
  8. Impacts of the Media on the Family
  9. Effect of Different Types of Addiction on the Family Institution
  10. New Regulations Regarding the Conditions and Registration of Marriage
  11. Marriage of Individuals with Different Cultures and Beliefs.
  12. Changes in the Rights and Responsibilities of Family Members
  13. Women's Employment and Its Effects on the Family
  14. Effects of International Women Policies on the Family
  15. Rapid Change of Social Status of Spouses
  16. Changes in Family Structure
  17. Effects of Urbanization on the Structure and Functions of the Family
  18. Differences in the Visions of Parents towards the Child Education
  19. Protection Measures for the Members of  Broken/Corrupted Family
  20. Gender Perception and Legal Regulations
  21. Effects of Developments in Biotechnology on the Family
  22. Effects of Stress Management on the Sustainability of the Family
  23. Process of Divorce and Compensation Arrangements